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Superhero Party Theme

You can have an action packed party for your little superhero. Ben-10, Superman, Batman and Hulk some of the most popular themes parties and all the kids will have a blast with this theme.

 Super Hero Party Decorations

You can find super hero posters online to decorate the walls of your party area. You can also use old comic books and tape them to the walls as decorations. Use action figures to decorate the table, Use streamers that have the same colours as the super heroes costumes. It may be hard to find some super hero decorations, but they can usually be ordered online. You can also print images of super heroes off your computer, from the internet. Use your child’s favorite super hero as the table centerpiece, and surround it with balloons.

 Super Hero Invitations

Buy invitations online, or make your own from card stock paper. Choose colours to match your party theme. On the front write a message such as Calling all super heroes, Join together to celebrate (your child’s name here) party. On the back, write a message for each child to come dressed as their favorite super hero.

Super Hero Party Games

  •  Find Green Kryptons:

Hide a bunch of small green stones (or marbles) for the kids to find. The child that finds the most, wins a small prize, and let each child keep the stones they find as a party favor.

  •  Follow the Hero:

This is the same as playing follow the leader. Let each child have a turn at putting on a red cape with lighting bolts painted on it, and being the leader. They can run, dance, or jump, and everyone has to follow what they do.

  •  Pin the S on Superman:

This is just like in the tail on the donkey, you just substitute a poster of superman for the donkey. Blindfold each child when it is their turn, and spin them around three times. Then they pin a S on the poster, and the one that is the closest, wins a small prize.

 Super Hero Party Food and Drinks




    • Superhero Sandwich:

    Cut two long loaves bread length wise and fill it with different kinds of meat, and cheese. Layer it all, and cut into small pieces.

    •  Mini Superhero Sandwiches:

    Use cookie cutters such as bats and lightning bolts to cut regular sandwiches in superhero shapes.

    •  Super Power Sticks:

    Cut carrot sticks in half, and place a piece of string Mozzarella cheese inside.

    •  Green Goblin Salad:

    Mix a bunch of different kinds of green candies in a salad bowl. You can use green Skittles, green M&M’s, different shades of green jelly beans, green gummy worms and bugs, etc.

    •  Mini Radioactive Spider Sandwiches:

    Use a cookie cutter and cut the sandwiches into an egg or oval shape. Use small veggie sticks for the spider legs, and black olives for the spider eyes.

    •  Super Hero Soda :

    Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream to a cup and pour over the lemonade. 

    • Super Transforming Drink:

    Place different coloured ice cubes (made from frozen flavoured drinks) into a clear drink such as soda water or lemonade. It will transform the clear drink magically into whatever colour the ice cube is. 

     Superhero Party Favors

    There are many party favors available for superhero parties – stickers, pencils, pens, erasers, notebooks etc.  You can also get superhero goody bags or re-useable bags available from Children’s Xi-10 Parties online store.


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