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Party Time

STEP 3: 

 Select the party time…. 

Party Time

Party Time


Consider the time of the day you wish to have your party. If your party will be somewhere other than your home, make sure to book the location before setting the time. Morning parties work well from 11.00am to 1.00pm, serving lunch at noon. 

Parties in the afternoon parties gives you a little extra time to get things ready but you’ll definitely have to find something to keep the kids busy. 2.00pm to 4.00pm is very popular and you can serve afternoon tea at 3.00pm. 

Remember to start your party planning at least six weeks in advance, that way you will have plenty of time.


It is not the food but the lack of exercise

The last week has been enlightening as I now recognise my eating habit and how very little exercise my body gets. I’m still following the OsoLean plan but just with the protein powder –  250ml 20 minutes before breakfast and the same before dinner.

Changing the way I  eat was easy enough to follow. A healthy breakfast (goodbye muffins, croissants and pancakes). Main meal at lunchtime and then a light dinner. Up to this point, its all so easy though I must admit I have not had a 100% clean record.

My biggest challenge is often at night when I finally get a moment to sit down. This is often when I crave something to eat. I still have a bit of work to discipline myself during this period.

None of this healthy eating will make a difference if I don’t exercise. Now here lies the problem…..I have a 15 minutes walk in the morning and another 15 minutes in the evening and THAT’S IT! I would love to do a bit more (I’m sure) but not having a baby-sitter makes dashing out in the evening a bit too complicated. I will need to find a good exercise regime I can do from home.

Though this is only week 1 and I can’t see any difference yet, I’m sure changes to my health will be more apparent  over the next few weeks.

Week 2 and the challenge continues….

The Party Date


 Select The Party Date…

 The first thing you need to do before you plan your party is to select a party date. This is what the rest of your party will hinge on. The party date does not have to be the exact date of your child’s birthday. For instance, if your child was born during the school holidays, you could have the party before or after the holidays. The same applies to birthdays during public holidays e.g. Labour weekend, Queen’s birthday weekend etc.

 Most parents would rather bring their child to a weekend party as they are so busy or working during the week but remember, some entertainers or venues offer a discount for mid-week parties.

 Make sure everyone your child wants to attend, can make the date, before you set it in stone.

Resisting the Monday temptation

It’s so much easy to eat well at the weekend. With the kids around, we tend to indulge in healthy food. I’m lucky enough to have one child who will have fruit instead of a sweet treat. The other… well she dreams of chocolate 24/7 and so we’ve adopted the habit of Miss healthy.

I must admit that I used to save my indulgence once everything was quiet on the western front (kids happily in bed). One minute I’m making a nice cup of tea and suddenly I find myself opening a packet of Scotch Fingers or  Tim Tams – Suddenly, 1..2..3.. and not even an ounce of guilt. Also being out of the house without kids gives me the freedom to eat whatever I want whenever I want. Today was different:

Breakfast – Protein powder with 250ml milk. 2 slices of toast with jam

Morning Tea – half a slice of carrot cake and a small butterfly cake (purely to celebrate a birthday)

Lunch – Leftover rice and prawn dish followed by an apple

Dinner – Protein powder with 250ml milk. A small plate of spagetti bolognaise.

Managed two 35mins walk ignoring all the buses that drove past inviting me to shelter from the cold, windy rain.

I’m off to a Ball on Friday night. Not expecting any miracles before then but I hope to have a fit, healthy me before my daughter’s 7th birthday.

Children’s Party Planning Guide

Starting this week, a step-by-step guide to planning a party. 

  1. Start planning…
    Party Planning

    Start Planning


 This is the very first step in planning your child’s most amazing, memorable, and best party ever. Planning ahead takes care of the stress leading to the party. With a plan, the whole party starts to take shape keeping you in control right until the last guest leaves. Here Children’s Xi-10 Parties will show you how easy it is to start planning your child’s party and set everything in motion. You will feel much more confident and at ease, when you know what to expect and how to do it. 

 Always remember, your child’s party does not have to be perfect to be a huge hit. As long as your child feels special on their party day and has lots of fun with their friends, it will be a party they will remember and treasure forever.

A few extra kilos hanging on

OK it’s my fault. I’ve never tried to go on a diet (well a serious one) and the last time I joined a gym I was in my 20s. Now thinking about it, I only went to the gym if my friends were going so we could have a natter. Many many years later and now a mother of 2 kids and slowly the kilos have taken up permanent residence.

I’ve tried to ignore it, but my daughters find the phantom pregnancy squeezable. Perhaps it’s the same when they were babies and I just couldn’t resist touching the rolls on their chubby legs and arms. Finally, I’ve decided to make an effort and do something before the extra kilos invite all their friends to come and stay.

I’m fortunate enough to admit that I’m not fat but just need to eat better, exercise more and sleep better. I will try better to do all of these but I do need a helping hand and have been introduced to Mannatech’s OsoLean plan.

I’m normally good at following things through but this will be a challenge for me. Maybe writing this on here will give me a greater incentive to reach my ultimate goal – to send those extra kilos packing and lead a healthier lifestyle.

You’ve got mail!

There’s facebook, twitter, blogs, skype, text, email, answerphone and postcards to name a few.  We all love hearing from other people through any one of these methods. I’m new to blogging but I’m really looking forward to having this as a two-way communication between people in New Zealand and countries far away. Lovely to see you here. Don’t forget to subscribe to follow my blogs and sign up for the newsletter.

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