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Party Venue


  Select the party venue…

 Party Venue

 Now that you have selected the part date and time, you need to select the location. There are four normal options when selecting a location.

(1) Inside your home is a good option if the weather is cold or it is raining.

(2) Outside your home is one of the best party places, as it allows the children to run and play, you could even switch this to your local park or playground, halls or community centre for even more fun.

(3) Indoor playground and party venues means all you do is turn up and the party is managed by them. There is no messy clean up for you either, which makes this a lot easier. You may find that your party will depend on the time slot available on the day.  

(4) Game rooms, such as miniature golf or bowling are great places to have a party, and it provides great entertainment especially for older children.


Party Time

STEP 3: 

 Select the party time…. 

Party Time

Party Time


Consider the time of the day you wish to have your party. If your party will be somewhere other than your home, make sure to book the location before setting the time. Morning parties work well from 11.00am to 1.00pm, serving lunch at noon. 

Parties in the afternoon parties gives you a little extra time to get things ready but you’ll definitely have to find something to keep the kids busy. 2.00pm to 4.00pm is very popular and you can serve afternoon tea at 3.00pm. 

Remember to start your party planning at least six weeks in advance, that way you will have plenty of time.

Children’s Party Planning Guide

Starting this week, a step-by-step guide to planning a party. 

  1. Start planning…
    Party Planning

    Start Planning


 This is the very first step in planning your child’s most amazing, memorable, and best party ever. Planning ahead takes care of the stress leading to the party. With a plan, the whole party starts to take shape keeping you in control right until the last guest leaves. Here Children’s Xi-10 Parties will show you how easy it is to start planning your child’s party and set everything in motion. You will feel much more confident and at ease, when you know what to expect and how to do it. 

 Always remember, your child’s party does not have to be perfect to be a huge hit. As long as your child feels special on their party day and has lots of fun with their friends, it will be a party they will remember and treasure forever.