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Party theme


 Select the party theme… 

 Planning your child‘s party can seem a little daunting and overwhelming. You want to throw an amazing party that your child will always remember. If you throw a bad party and it is a disaster, they will remember that always too. The way to make sure your child’s party does not bomb and is totally successful is to center it on one theme.

A theme lets you incorporate all the various party elements. It puts you on the right track to every decorating decision, and it will help with all your party planning activities. Having a party theme is crucial.

How to select a theme…

Choosing the right theme for your child’s party will depend on five important factors.

1.  Y ou need to select a theme that matches your child’s age. Superheroes might be great for a group of 5 or 6 year old children, but 10 to 12 year old kids would be embarrassed by it.

  • Just make sure your party theme is age appropriate.

 2.   Make sure to select a theme on something that your child is interested in. If your child loves soccer or cheerleading, make sports or dancing your theme.

  • Anything your child likes will make a great party theme.

3.    Select a theme based on why you are having the party, for instance, birthday or intermediate school graduation. You can also theme it around the season or time of the year. So, If your party happens during the summer, then select a pool or beach party theme, or during Halloween, make it a scary theme party.

 4.   If your party will be at a location such as the zoo, you can still have a theme and have a zoo or animal theme party.  If you are going to a sea aquarium, then make your theme a mermaid and pirates themed party. The sky is the limit when deciding on a theme.

5.   If you are having an entertainer at your child’s party, such as a clown, then make your theme a circus or carnival theme party. If you are having a magician, then make it a secret agent / spy theme party.

The best way to select a party theme is to ask your child what they like or want. Most children have an idea of how they want their party to be, so get them involved, that way there will be no disappointment for your child or for you. Get your child to give you three different themes they would like, that way if you can’t do one of them, you have two more to select from.

Once your party theme has been selected, the rest of your party planning will be a piece of cake. The party activities, invitations, decorations, party food and party favors will be in sync with your party theme.

 Keep a look out for party themes coming later this month